2005-2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee/Commander SINGLE ZONE Blend Door Repair Kit

This kit relocates your SINGLE ZONE blend door actuator with our blend door actuator driveshaft adapter and detailed instructional. Read below prior to ordering to properly diagnose your blend door concern. Please note your blend door actuator to door shaft (also available from us) must be intact and functional for this kit to work. If both your door drive and actuator shaft are broken, please also order an actuator shaft. 


Like all of our products, this kit has a LIFETIME WARRANTY & 30 Day Returns! If for any reason the kit doesn't work for your application, just send it back for a full refund less $5 shipping & handling fee.


This kit is designed to relocate your blend door actuator in the event your HVAC system is no longer adjustable with the control dial, and will work on manual temp. control, single zone systems only. If your heater control does not look like the one in the 4th picture above, this kit will not work for you. This system can exhibit more than 1 type of failure, this kit is designed to repair the most expensive of those failures – the blend door drive breaking off of the door itself. You will be able to diagnose which problem you have in the steps below. If the black actuator to blend door drive shaft itself is broken, you will need a new actuator to blend door shaft, which has been discontinued by Jeep but is also available from us on the product page. We also do stock OEM blend door actuators. If you realize you need a new actuator or drive shaft and not this kit, please view our other products as we do offer them separately. 


The blend door shafts can exhibit two kinds of failures:

1. The shaft breaks off outside of the HVAC case (most common - this kit will repair that concern)

2. The blend door itself breaks off of the shaft inside of the HVAC case (this kit usually will also repair that concern)


If your shaft broke inside of the HVAC box, occasionally the driver’s portion of the drive will bind internally in the heater box after breakage and you will not be able to move the passenger side of the drive in either direction – the only repair to remedy that situation is complete removal and disassembly of the HVAC system, a very labor intensive and costly repair – with most estimates coming in over $1,000.


It is also important to note that if your drive is currently broken inside of the heater box but not currently binding, and you relocate your actuator with this kit, the internal portion of the drive, although rare if it has not bound already and after you pull it outward and secure it with the o-rings, at some point has the ability to bind internally, and if this happens would require complete removal of the HVAC system. We cannot guarantee that this may not happen at some point, but by installing this kit you have nothing to lose aside from the kits cost and your time since the only other solution to remedy this problem is exactly that – removing the entire HVAC system and replacing the blend door. In most cases, the drive portion of the door will not bind later if it has not upon the initial break and you have verified in step 4 of the included instructional that after installing the o-rings it is movable in both directions using the passenger side portion of the drive. 


To Diagnose Which Blend Door Concern You Have:

  • Locate your blend door actuator and remove the (2) Torx screws using your T-20 torx tool. (shown in pic 5)
  • Remove the actuator by pulling it straight out of the heater box, allowing it to hang from the wiring. The black actuator to blend door drive shaft should stay connected to the actuator, but if it did not remove it from the heater box and install it on the actuator (it can only install one way). Make sure this shaft is not broken. With the key on, move your heater control full Hot and Full cold and view the black shafts movement. If it moves fully in both directions, your actuator is working properly. If it does not move, you either have a faulty actuator or control concern (likely the actuator), and this kit will not repair your problem unless the internal drive is also broken.
  • Now verify that the now-visible white/yellow internal blend door drive extruding from the heater case is broken. Lightly pull outward on the drive and rotate it in both directions. If it moves freely in and out of the case or moves freely in either direction and you do not feel the blend door moving or hear the clunk of when the door is in the full-hot or full-cold position, the drive is broken internally in the box and by the drive moving freely in your hand, this kit should repair this problem. (pics 6 & 7)

2005-2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee/Commander SINGLE ZONE Blend Door Repair Kit

  • Kit includes:

    (1) BDA Relocation Shaft

    (1) Terminal Release Tool

    (2) O-rings

    (4) 4" Zip Ties