2005-2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee/Commander DUAL ZONE Blend Door Repair Kit

You asked for it, we heard you, and after prototyping and testing we are pleased to offer our Dual Zone Blend Door Repair Kit!


If you have a broken blend door shaft (the white shaft sticking out of the HVAC box that connects to the blend door actuator shaft), our Dual Zone Blend Door Actuator Repair Shaft kit will allow you to repair the problem by removing your actuator, drilling into the center of the door with the included drill bit and simply screwing our repair shaft in.


The blend door shafts can exhibit two kinds of failures:

1. The shaft breaks off outside of the HVAC case (most common - this kit will repair that concern)

2. The blend door itself breaks off of the shaft inside of the HVAC case (depending on where the break is this kit may not work for that concern)


The kit will also work on Single Zone systems with a broken blend door shaft with the same criteria as above for where the shaft breakage occurred, however we recommend our Single Zone Blend Door Actuator Relocation Kit for Single Zone systems as no drilling (and therefore door modification) is required.


Like all of our products, this kit is covered by our Lifetime Warranty & 30 Day Returns! If for any reason our repair kit doesn't work for your application send it back for a full refund less $5 shipping & handling.


To Diagnose Which Blend Door Concern You Have:

  • Locate your blend door actuator and remove the (2) Torx screws using your T-20 torx tool. 
  • Remove the actuator by pulling it straight out of the heater box, allowing it to hang from the wiring. The black actuator to blend door drive shaft should stay connected to the actuator, but if it did not remove it from the heater box and install it on the actuator (it can only install one way). Make sure this shaft is not broken. With the key on, move your heater control full Hot and Full cold and view the black shafts movement. If it moves fully in both directions, your actuator is working properly. If it does not move, you either have a faulty actuator or control concern (likely the actuator), and this kit will not repair your problem unless the internal drive is also broken.
  • Now verify that the now-visible white/yellow internal blend door drive extruding from the heater case is broken. If it is sheared off inside of the case, this repair kit will not likely repair your problem on dual zone models. 




2005-2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee/Commander DUAL ZONE Blend Door Repair Kit

  • (1) Blend Door Repair Kit

    (1) Drill Bit

    (1) Color Instructional